Home of the Eagle is the documentation of a crime scene.  The crimes alleged are the,
deliberate, premeditated destruction of America, the values upon which it was founded, and the
enslavement of it's people.  The scene spans over one hundred years and the crime is rapidly
approaching completion.  Here we will look at the evidence to identify why and how the crime is
being committed, who are the perpetrators, and how we can defeat this attack.  You can choose 
to examine the evidence or stick your head back in the sand.  I challenge you to choose

Spanish Philosopher George Santayana once wrote that “Those who cannot remember the past
are condemned to repeat it.”  To this simple, yet profound, statement I would add that; Those
who cannot remember their history do not know who they are!

We are our history and, in many ways, we have lost touch with that history.  If we are to
accurately judge the evidence presented, we must step back, in time, until we do remember who
we are and, once again, understand the Original Intent of the people, both men and women,
who first crafted this nation.  Without this understanding, any judgment we make is fatally

My name is Terry Reitz.  I am an American.  There is no other word in front of that title. I am,
simply, an American.  My loyalty, and my service, has been to one country, one constitution,
one people and one flag.  I am a retired US Air Force Technical Sergeant, a veteran of Vietnam
and Desert Storm, and a retired Sheriff's Detective.  In the past forty years I have taken several
oaths to defend my country and it's constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. 
None of these oaths had the word “until” in them.  To me, second only to Old Glory, nothing
personifies the Spirit of America more than the American Eagle.  Home of the Eagle was born
from my continuing commitment to these oaths and the Spirit that IS America.

Home of the Eagle is a celebration OF, NOT an apology for, the spirit that is America.  It is
dedicated to all those people - past, present and future - who accept the inescapable 
responsibilities  of citizenship and true self-government.  To all of those who have written a blank
check, for “All that I am, all that I have and everything that I might be”, we give our eternal
respect, honor and thanks. To you, we vow:
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